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Item # 331 140, WGT Series Ground Terminals Blocks

List Price $2.61

Housings - The plastic housing holding the metallic screws and clamps is made of UL 94 V2 (105 degree C) thermoplastic polyamide 6.6. This plastic and its certification allow operation rated at 600 V, providing ample dielectric strength for any Industrial Application.

Clamps - Steel is one of the strongest materials available for its value. The clamps are zinc plated to guard against corrosion. When properly torqued, the clamp is designed to self-lock.

Screws - Made of steel as well, the screws act as a system with the clamps - this system requires the same materials for each component. The screws lift and help to self-lock the clamps providing a downward force onto the conductors. The screws are also plated with a Zinc finish to prevent any form of corrosion.

Screw Connection
This is the most popular of all known connection methods. Screw connection refers to any connection in which the conductor is stripped of its insulation and clamped without any preparation.

When the screw is tightened, the pressure pulls apart both halves of the clamping yoke. This generates a high locking action on the screw and provides excellent vibration resistance.

Tension Clamp System
Tension clamp connection allows the conductor to be pressed directly against the current bar. The clamp is opened with a screwdriver allowing the insertion of the conductor.

WGT Series ground terminals can be used on both TS35 and TS32 DIN Rails. The yellow/green color combination meets international standards for ground labeling. The internal metal parts electrically connect the field wiring to the DIN rail. DIN rails mounted to metallic cabinetry and connected to earth, complete the proper grounding process.

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Ground Terminals


8 mm



Polyamide 6.6

Units Per Package


Electrical Ratings


6 mm²

VDE Cross-Section (IEC 60947-7-2)

6 mm²

UL Cross-Section

26 - 8 AWG

Insulation Stripping Length

12 mm

Connection Data

Solid Strand, Screw Connection

0.5 to 10 mm²

Fine Strand, Screw Connection

1.5 to 6 mm²

AWG Conductor

20 - 8


Mounting Rail Options

TS3515SL, 35 x 15 Steel Slotted Mounting DIN Rail ($10.00)
TS3515SOL, 35 x 15 Steel Solid Mounting DIN Rail ($10.00)
TS3575SL, 35 x 7.5 Steel Slotted Mounting DIN Rail ($8.00)
TS3575SL1, 35 x 7.5 Steel Slotted Mounting DIN Rail ($6.00)
TS3575SL1-A, 35 x 7.5 Aluminum Slotted Mounting DIN Rail ($8.00)
TS3575SOL, 35 x 7.5 Steel Solid Mounting DIN Rail ($8.00)

End Bracket Options

495 040, Beige End Bracket ($0.38)



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 End Bracket for WGT Series Ground Terminal Blocks 

495049 PIC
495 040
Beige End Bracket

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